Well Maintenance

Water Well Maintenance

If your well faces a water quality or quantity issues you may need to upgrade the well for the sake of your health and safety. Talk over your options with Wild Rose Water Wells Ltd. We are licensed well contractors and are experienced with upgrades and the conditions in our area.

Upgrade the well? Drill a new water well?

If there are significant problems with your existing well, one option is to drill
a new well. Drilling a new well may be the best solution if your existing well is:
• poorly located, close to permanent sources of contamination
• at risk from flooding
• producing insufficient quantity of water for your needs
• sub-standard and cannot be upgraded for technical or regulatory reasons

Well Pits

Well pits were commonly used to protect water line connections from freezing. Due to age causing deterioration, some wells located in pits no longer provide potable water as the pit can fill with surface water and debris. This debris and surface water may be drawn into the water supply causing water contamination. An Wild Rose Water Wells Ltd will do a thorough assessment of your well to determine whether the well can be upgraded. Upgrading generally involves extending the well pipe to the required height above grade and then filling in the pit.

Water Flow

Wild Rose Water Wells Ltd has the proper equipment to measure the water flow from your well and has the knowledge and experience necessary to suggest the correct actions necessary to provide sufficient flow.

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We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your Drilling Services. Our expert team can analyze the scope of work required and provide an accurate cost estimate. To get an estimate for your project submit a request and our representative will contact you to make an appointment to discuss the necessary details.